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Working with Large Images in Android

Aug 2

Imagine how much memory space a 10k-pixel comic book takes up. And now imagine that you can’t compress it because if you did, it would lose too much quality and become unreadable. Curious how we at FUNCORP deal with this? Then read on!

Jetpack Microbenchmark: Code Performance Testing

Oct 12

I’ll explain how the Microbenchmark library works and show examples of how to use it. Perhaps this will help you evaluate performance and solve controversial situations during the code review. 

Keeping up with industry trends through internal meetups

Dec 1

In an ideal world, a perfect developer would find time to read professional articles, attend conferences, and work on pet projects. This is not always the case in the real world: fatigue at work, personal and family issues, going to a doctor — there are a million things to do and reasons to say “not today.”

That’s why our Android team created the “developing together” internal meetup format. We either prepare short presentations on new topics or watch professional videos together. We have time to do things after work, and our conscience isn’t burdened. Furthermore, we can discuss the applicability of what we heard immediately with our colleagues.

How the introduction of notification runtime permissions in Android 13 affects conversion from push notifications

Mar 10

Like many Android developers, we’re used to the notification bar being the secondary point of focus after the launcher. Yet with the release of Android 13, the rules of the game have changed. 

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