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App Tracking Transparency: What has changed in the wake of Apple’s new privacy policy

Dec 7

Apple set the entire mobile advertising market on edge last year when it announced the pending enactment of its new privacy policy for the App Store. From now on, app developers are required to seek users’ permission to track their devices for advertisers (yes, that’s the controversial IDFA). The new deal, delayed several times, was finally enacted at the beginning of this year.

What iOS Developers Should Be Prepared For When Integrating In-App Advertising in 2022

Jul 20

The iOS team of iFunny has gone from a completely ad-free model to using a variety of ad networks and formats in their popular entertainment app. In this article, we will discuss some of the less-apparent nuances of working with advertising SDKs that can affect the user experience and performance of your product and share the code that will help you fix them.

Stopping NSZombie Invasion (Code Included)

Aug 10

We share the zombie object detection mechanism we made for the iFunny app, and present tips for those who also want to get rid of this issue. So you turn on your laptop, open Crashlytics, and voila: EXC_BAD_ACCESS objc_release… What now?

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