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#Machine Learning


Image clustering using CLIP neural network

Oleg Sokolov
Senior Python Developer
Feb 25

This article explains how you can automatically divide a dataset of images into clusters classified by qualitative contextual feature, thanks to embeddings from the much talked about neural network called CLIP created by Elon Musk’s company. I will give you an example using the content from our iFunny app.

Practical Guide to Create a Two-Layered Recommendation System

Gleb Abroskin
Jun 8

A developer’s perspective (MLOps inside)

At iFunny, we are trying to compose the best possible feed of memes and funny videos. To rate our job, people use smile/dislike buttons and comments. Some of them even post memes about our efforts.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Recommendation System

Aleksandr Dzhumurat
Lead Data Scientist
Jul 27

We’ve been long working on improving the user experience in UGC products with machine learning. Here are our ten key lessons of implementing recommendation systems in business to build a really good product.

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