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Chief Marketing Officer

Currently, we are in search of a Chief Marketing Officer to join our team.


  • implementing a systematic marketing approach: working with target audiences and customer personas, organizing pain points, and nurturing leads based on those pain points
  • delivering a functional marketing strategy within the initial three months, derived from data obtained through marketing tests


  • proficiency in marketing and a requisite level of technical aptitude
  • prior experience in marketing with a B2C product in the global market
  • grasp of the mobile applications market
  • proficiency in spoken and written English

Preferred Qualifications:

  • previous involvement in marketing for mobile applications
  • demonstrated energy, heightened empathy, a compassionate disposition, and self-assuredness
  • eagerness for learning, growth, and professional advancement, with a drive to be a trailblazer in achieving outcomes

We offer:

  • fully remote during a probation period (3 months), then relocation to Limassol, Cyprus
  • highly professional team, offering valuable learning experiences
  • market-competitive salary, paid vacations (21 days/year)
  • opportunity to lead and shape the marketing department

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