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FUNCORP QA Meetup on September 8
September 8start at 19:00
Yerevan, City Center, details tbc


Join FUNCORP offline QA Meetup and you'll learn:

  • How to make QA onboarding stop being stressful for the team and a headache for the newcomers. Stanislav Yakovlev, QA Mobile at FUNCORP, will share his experience.
  • How requirement testing helps to avoid documentation bugs leading to project failure. Tatiana Kulagina, QA Backend at FUNCORP, will explain how to integrate them into the team's processes.

Coffee, networking and fun are guaranteed.

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  • Stanislav YakovlevQA Mobile Engineer

    "QA onboarding: checklist, bad practices and what it has in common with moving"

    Let's discuss how to make QA onboarding not become a headache for the team and stress the newcomer. We'll look at how the process of moving to a new company can resemble moving to another country. Stanislav Yakovlev will give examples of bad practices and share field-tested checklists. They help guide the onboarding process, allow teams to maintain the quality of the product and keep valuable employees.

  • Tatiana Kulagina QA Backend Engineer

    "Requirements testing on real examples"

    One documentation bug can lead to a project failure, so how to avoid it? Tatiana Kulagina will explain what requirements testing is. She’ll show it using practical examples, such as: integration process; backend, mobile app and layout development. As a result, you will learn how to quickly implement such testing into your team’s processes.

  • 20:00-23:00

    Networking, snacks and fun

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