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Join our team if you are looking for self-development and want to work on technology hits. We crave your knowledge, skills, expertise as well as your desire to experiment, innovate and try something new.
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About us

FunCorp develops entertaining UGC applications with millions of daily users worldwide. We actively develop our products and launch new ones using a data-driven approach, machine learning, modern technologies, tools, and SDK.

At FunCorp, you can implement ideas and take on new challenges.

Our office is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

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Our products

We know how to deliver entertainment content quickly and efficiently, and we do it perhaps better than anyone else. Despite apps' apparent simplicity, robust solutions and modern methodologies are under the hood.

We use next-generation databases, service-oriented architecture, orchestration, and automatic horizontal scaling to serve millions of users worldwide every day, responding to more than 60,000 requests per second at peak.

The analytics system receives and processes 8 billion events per day, allowing us to know everything that is going on in the application community.

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  • iFunny

    🏆 TOP US Entertainment App 18+

    Our flagship app has over 70 million downloads in U.S. app stores. It counts for millions user openings, with an average of 40 minutes of users spending daily. The primary audience is young people aged 18-24, and it ranks among the top five advertising platforms in the US.

  • ABPV


    America’s best pics & videos is an application with funny pictures and videos. Our smart algorithms choose funniest memes every day for your good mood.

  • FunXD


    FunXD is a product built around short entertaining videos and memes. Our goal is to create an app that will be used by millions of people in different countries.

Our team

Developing a product for the American market sets the bar high. That’s why we value people with new ideas and those who are not afraid to take responsibility. We encourage you to prove yourself: think big, propose hypotheses, and take reasonable risks.We like solving business and user problems. We care about the product as a whole, not just about the part one is in charge of. It is more important to solve the problem than to follow the process: if you have a better and faster way to achieve the desired result, propose it.

We have a fast development cycle with frequent releases and prompt feedback. All FunCorp product decisions are based on metrics and test results. No technical debt or bureaucracy.

We only document what is actually necessary, leaving the rest to common sense. Decisions are made quickly, often on the spot. You have an opportunity to influence the choice of technology.

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We hire in 3 main products


iFunny is FUNCORP's flagship product. A social networking app for fans of memes, popular in the U.S., Brazil, and beyond. It competes with TikTok and others for users' attention thanks to:

  • A recommendation system and a personal content feed. We have a lot of data, experiments, we continue to implement ML and improve the algorithms that select memes. Kafka, Clickhouse, Airflow, Kubernetes, Kotlin are helping us with this.
  • A push notification system that helps effectively bring users back to the product. We can quickly filter millions of users according to complex business rules, automatically generate texts, crop and process images, and achieve high CTR with algorithms and targeting. We are planning to personalize and apply ML models in this part of the product.
Middle Backend Developer (Kotlin)remote

Currently, we are looking for a Middle Backend Developer who will enhance the quality and stability of our core product.


  • be responsible for quality, deadlines, and planning.
  • ensuring technical quality, stability, and product uptime;
  • develop and improve our apps, develop new features and functions, and see how the solutions you've developed work in different countries and for different audiences and affect millions of users.

What would make you a great fit:

  • at least 1 year of experience with Kotlin;
  • experience in commercial backend development (queue systems) at least 2 years;
  • work experience in a product company;
  • experience in compiling and managing a backlog of development tasks;
  • experience in launching new products;
  • a keen analytical mind, thoroughness, prioritization, and an intention to go above and beyond.

Tech stack we use:

  • Kotlin (Spring, Dropwizard, JUnit), PHP (Symfony, Doctrine MongoDB ODM, PHPUnit), Python (Flask/Gunicorn, Asyncio);
  • DB: MongoDB, Redis, Clickhouse; Elasticsearch, Memcached, Kafka, Spark, Airflow;
  • Hybrid infrastructure (own DC + Amazon AWS);
  • Docker, k8s, Jenkins, GitLab.

We offer:

  • Remote work;
  • 21 working days of paid leave.
Senior DevOpsLimassol

What will you do:

  • Work closely with functional teams to create a fault-tolerant and scalable system;
  • Develop and maintain various services and tools for colleagues and users.

What would make you a great fit:

  • 3+ years of experience in a similar position;
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes;
  • Ability to program in one of the programming languages: Python, Bash, PHP, Go;
  • Experience with Ansible;
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud solutions;
  • Experience with KVM;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Hypertrophied sense of responsibility.

A huge plus would be: 

  • Experience in database support  (MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Redis);
  • Experience with Jenkins;
  • Experience with Helm;
  • Experience with CDN;
  • Experience in Unix/Linux system administration;
  • Broad knowledge of software and various third-party services;
  • Experience with Terraform.
  • Experience with CDN

We offer:

  • Office in Limassol (Cyprus);
  • Relocation package and visa support, opportunity to become an EU citizen;
  • Health insurance and GYM Membership after probation;
  • Corporate sport teams (volleyball, yachting);
  • External and internal trainings, budget for an individual development plan;
  • Child's birth and birthday bonuses;
  • Monthly budget for team building and corporate events;
  • Free breakfasts and lunches with a wide choice of dishes, Friday evening corporate dinners.

FUNCORP develops entertaining UGC apps that are used daily by tens of millions of people around the world. We actively expand our products and launch new ones using a data-driven approach, machine learning, modern technologies, tools, and SDK. No legacy, technical debt, and bureaucracy.

New Products

We plan to continue our growth and development by entering new markets and finding new business niches.

More information about us, as well as photos and videos in our public pages:
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We plan to continue our growth and development by entering new markets and finding new business niches. Take a look at open positions. Perhaps there is one that is right for you!

If you know a passionate Software Developer who's looking for job opportunities, e-mail us at In case of successful recommendation you will get a $3000 reference fee.