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Testing Your Implementation on Ad Networks

Daria Kudryavtseva
QA Mobile Team Lead
Apr 20

Testing ad integrations is quite a tedious process. Since we work with third-party SDKs that can hardly be controlled, it can be challenging to automate the testing process. Nevertheless, to reduce testing time, we have developed and implemented a debug panel, which we will discuss in this article.

11 Traits of a Senior QA Engineer

Alexey Anisimov
Head of QA
May 5

Founded on years of work experience in testing

There is a tremendous variety of QA Engineer vacancies, ranging from junior to lead tester and even to principal QA Engineer. We’re often asked what qualities a senior-level tester should have compared to junior or middle-level ones. Let’s try to answer this.

Onboarding a Senior QA: week-by-week plan

Daria Kudryavtseva
QA Lead
Aug 25

Over the past 4 years, we’ve developed an adaptation process enjoyed even by ultra-experienced newcomers. Today, we’ll share its main stages and a basic checklist. You can easily adjust them to fit engineers of any level that you hire.

How to reduce the bloated testing process

Jan 19

As your application grows, so does the flow of tasks for QA. And if you don’t reduce that amount of work in time, it will begin to threaten your releases. And just resemble a sprawling bush that’s not being looked after. I will tell you how we reduced the regression testing time from 5 to 3 days in a couple of months maintaining quality and relieving the level of stress for the QA team.

Supplementing the test checklist when updating the icon and splash screen in mobile apps

Daria Kudryavtseva
QA Lead
Nov 3

Since most of our users are from the USA, FunCorp decided to update its icon and splash screen for the Halloween holidays last year. Let’s recall that story. The task seemed trivial, but in the process, we found some more cases and grew our essential checklist from 8 to 13 items (attached).

[iOS] Make your app suitable for UI auto-testing

Apr 11

If you want to build an efficient UI auto-testing process for your project, it’s essential to first consider how testable your application is generally, as well as how you can write effective UI tests.

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