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App Tracking Transparency: What has changed in the wake of Apple’s new privacy policy

Evgeniy Zavolozhanskiy
iOS Developer
Dec 7

Apple set the entire mobile advertising market on edge last year when it announced the pending enactment of its new privacy policy for the App Store. From now on, app developers are required to seek users’ permission to track their devices for advertisers (yes, that’s the controversial IDFA). The new deal, delayed several times, was finally enacted at the beginning of this year.

The Easy Way to Remove Private Data

Andrey Gromov
Backend Developer
Jan 20

The right to be forgotten by the User’s request

There are different ways to remove a user’s personal information at the user’s request to make a product compliant with the CCPA or GDPR. The most basic method is to handle every request received by mail manually. The important thing is to make sure the process is as straightforward as it can be and clear to the user. So a little automation is not such a bad idea.

Working with Large Images in Android

Aug 2

Imagine how much memory space a 10k-pixel comic book takes up. And now imagine that you can’t compress it because if you did, it would lose too much quality and become unreadable. Curious how we at FUNCORP deal with this? Then read on!

How the introduction of notification runtime permissions in Android 13 affects conversion from push notifications

Mar 10

Like many Android developers, we’re used to the notification bar being the secondary point of focus after the launcher. Yet with the release of Android 13, the rules of the game have changed. 

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