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The 2021 Year in Review in Tech

Denis Litvinov
CIO at FunCorp
Dec 21

In 2020, for the first time since World War II, the world was faced with an epic, uncontrollable crisis. The overwhelming majority of the world’s commercial industries, including the tech industry, have had to deal with the negative impact of the pandemic.

Do you want some Prebid?

Vitaly Zagorskiy, Anastasiya Razheva
Apr 5

FUNCORP’s services and advertising infrastructure have recently undergone significant changes. In addition to the Prebid Mobile, we now also support and develop the Prebid Server to work with our apps.

We chose Prebid because we’ve been using its Software Development Kit for a long time and have enough experience and competence in working with it. This expertise allows us to improve and develop the service without compromising its stability. As a result, Prebid has become one of the critical services within our infrastructure.

Experimenting with Push Notifications for User Retention: Tested on a Million-Strong Audience

Nov 21

What is more critical in a push notification — the text or the picture? How does it depend on the mobile platform? When can sending push messages more frequently get better results? What mistakes can be made while you’re figuring it all out? Learn about it in this piece by the team developing the push notification system for FunCorp entertainment apps.

Developing and Deploying a Replacement for Google reCaptcha for a Growing Product

Dec 7

As your app’s audience grows, bots and scammers become increasingly interested in your app. When we needed a scalable tool for breaking bots and users apart, we found it way too expensive to cover all the bases with reCaptcha, which we were already using. So here is what we did.

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