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Middle Backend Developer (Kotlin)

Currently, we are looking for a Middle Backend Developer who will enhance the quality and stability of our core product.


  • be responsible for quality, deadlines, and planning.
  • ensuring technical quality, stability, and product uptime;
  • develop and improve our apps, develop new features and functions, and see how the solutions you've developed work in different countries and for different audiences and affect millions of users.

What would make you a great fit:

  • at least 1 year of experience with Kotlin;
  • experience in commercial backend development (queue systems) at least 2 years;
  • work experience in a product company;
  • experience in compiling and managing a backlog of development tasks;
  • experience in launching new products;
  • a keen analytical mind, thoroughness, prioritization, and an intention to go above and beyond.

Tech stack we use:

  • Kotlin (Spring, Dropwizard, JUnit), PHP (Symfony, Doctrine MongoDB ODM, PHPUnit), Python (Flask/Gunicorn, Asyncio);
  • DB: MongoDB, Redis, Clickhouse; Elasticsearch, Memcached, Kafka, Spark, Airflow;
  • Hybrid infrastructure (own DC + Amazon AWS);
  • Docker, k8s, Jenkins, GitLab.

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